How do I get a quotation for Insurance?

Just call or email us for an immediate response and the best current rate for the insurance you are needing.  We will ask you some basic information and then search our Canadian Insurance Database for all of the product options which you can then consider.  We will gladly email or fax  this information to you.

How do I apply for Insurance?

We will give you an initial interview in person or by telephone or email to find out some basic information about yourself and the insurance or investment products you are interested in.  We will the research your best options and pricing and present you with the alternatives and with our recommendations.

When you have found the right product and company and are ready to move ahead, we will assist you with an application.  We will give you expert guidance to ensure that your appliaction receives the very best consideration by the insurance company.

After your application has been submitted and all financial and medical information has been provided by you, we will monitor progress with the insurance company until a decision is made and your new insurance policy has been delivered to you.

NB: There are NO costs at all  to you in applying for any products.

Do I have to visit you or have someone call?

If you are appling for Mortgage Insurance or most other insurance products, we can usually complete all of the formalities over the telephone and by email.  We will then send you the documents for signature by Canadapost or by courier, at our cost.

An application over the telephone can usually be completed in about 20 minutes.

If you are considering investments, planning or more complex matters, then we do think it is important that we meet personally.

Our office is centrally located in the lower mainland and we can also visit you by arrangement.

How do you get paid?

We get paid a commission by any Insurance company with whom we place business, but you do not pay extra for this as the insurance company has already included this cost and will recover it over a number of years.  We are not owned by any insurance company and the advice and recommendations we may give you are entirely for your good and in your best interests.  We will give you a disclosure letter when we meet.

How can I save more money for my retirement?

There may be ways for you to more efficiently redirect money which is presently going to service debt or pay taxes.  Sometimes we can also help increase the return from your present investments.  It just depends on your unique set of circumstancesand we have many tools to offer you.  Ask for a complimentary interview and for our Wealth Builder Kit

What annual rate of return should I expect from my investments?

This depends on how your present investments are diversified and where they are invested in the market.  It also depends on your age and the financial goals you have set for yourself for your stage of life.  We would be happy to help you find answers to all of these questions to make sure that you are doing the very best you can with your valuable assets.

What is the best type of college fund to set up?

In Canada today it makes complete sense to start by taking full advantage of the money which the Federal government is willing to invest in YOUR children's college fund though the RESP and CESG programmes.   

Call or email us for a fee brochure and start as soon as you can.

You can also take advantage of several great insurance plans which have a cash value. These can also be used later for university or college education, for that first car or towarss their first mortgage.  Even after the cash is withdrawn, most of these policies can continue to provide valuable life insurance of up to $1,000,000 for your child in later years.

And now, even babies can apply!  Just ask us for details.

Why should I trust Gerald Cilliers Financial Services to manage my Investments and Insurance?

I am personally involved and will make your business my business at all times.

After we first talk together, I will send you a confidential agreement confirming what you can expect from me and also what I need to expect from you as my valued client, if we are to have a successful relationship.

I am highly regarded by my peers and associates in the industry and would be happy to provide you with the names of substantial people willing to recommend me.

I operate under a code of ethics for the industry  and am approved and licended by the provincial authorites in British Columbia as well as Ontario.  In addition, I also carry professional indemmnity insurance in case of errors of judgement or omissions of any kind. 

All of my staff are personally trained and supervised by me.  Our business system ensure that all business is cross-checked for accuracy and compliance.

We are happy and enjoy helping people like you!